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Dinner Party

Lamb to the Slaughter

for 8 players

Archie and the others raced to the Egyptian Sarcophagus on the set of "Mummy Knows Best".

There lay Barbara Lamb, head of Lamb Studios and Janet's stepmother, in a pool of blood.

By her head was a 'CEDRIC' statuette….

Brief Biographies of the crew working on Mummy Knows Best

Lamb to slaughter 8 player




Barbara Lamb

Head of the Lamb Studios.

Widow of Lawrence (Larry) Lamb, founder of the Lamb Studios.

Minnie Series

The beautiful and talented script writer of "Mummy Knows Best". Although Minnie is a couple of years older than her, she is Janet's best friend.

Jilly Beans

The daughter of Count Beans, the studio accountant. She is young and pretty, with blond hair and delicate features. Always reading the film magazines, she is a real fan of the movies.

Ebenezer Gore

Employed as the Assistant Accountant at Lamb Studios. He emigrated to England from a small central European country a number of years ago. He prefers to dress in formal attire, as was expected in the old country, which makes him appear older than he is.

Brad Ditch

He has boyish good looks and an athletic body. He plays Archie's sidekick in "Mummy Knows Best" and Janet's on screen love interest.

Peter Wolf

The Director of "Mummy Knows Best".

He is a large imposing figure with long unruly hair and a full beard. He emigrated to England from Germany a number of years ago.

Janet Lamb

Janet is 20 Years old, with long dark wavy hair and exotic eyes. Acting is in her blood. Her father, Larry, started Lamb studios and ran the company until his death a couple of years ago. Always plays the heroine in Lamb Studios Productions.

Archie O'Logist

A smooth sophisticated character who dreams of greater things. He has the good looks and charm of a matinee idol. Consequently he is always cast as the hero in Lamb Studios Productions. His physique allows him to take on the action hero roles with ease.

Arabia Knight

A star of the silent screen who has transferred to talkies. This 38 year old actress began her career as a vamp in 1916. She has retained your looks and the famed exotic dark eyes. A vegetarian who hates garlic.

Lamb to slaughter 8 player




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