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Current Events

Secrets of the Science Museum

Operation Naughty

or Nice - The Christmas Hunt

Naughty or Nice -

Explore Piccadilly

Discover Street Art in Brixton

Trick or Treat - The Halloween Treasure Hunt at the British Museum

I Want To Be Elected -

The Political Treasure Hunt around Westminster

Beyond The Sea -

Discover The National Maritime Museum

Drink To Me Only -

Explore the Museum of London

Hunting Animals at

The Tate Britain

Explore the

V & A Museum  

Rule Britannia,

The Royal Treasure Hunt

Through The Looking Glass at The National Gallery

Found in a Good Book - The Southwark Treasure Hunt

Park Life -  

Explore Vauxhall Parks

Love and Marriage Treasure Hunt at Tate Britain

Artists and Artisans - The Trafalgar Square Treasure Hunt

The 12 Days of Christmas  at The National Portrait Gallery

Town and Countryside - The ChingfordTreasure Hunt

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