Share your passion for investigation

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Murder Mystery

Dinner Party

A New Years Revelation

for 6 players

It has been a year since the mysterious death of Lady Maria. Sir Mortimer, her husband, has called the family together with a promise of a revelation.

But it seems at least one person wants him to remain silent.....

Brief Biographies of Sir Mortimer's Guests

New years Revelation 6 player




Sir Mortimer Richman

Widower of Lady Maria and older brother of Willie. Almost became a recluse after the last family gathering, sifting through the facts to try to determine who murdered his young wife. Called the family together once more to reveal his findings.

Amy Upward

Warm-hearted wife of Luke Upward and mother of his five children. Came to England at the end of the War, sadly leaving behind her father and younger brother.

Fleur T Jackson

The late Lady Maria’s vivacious younger sister. Currently acting as hostess for Sir Mortimer, as well as preparing all the meals for this weekend.

Con Valess

Demure niece of Sir Mortimer and Willie. Worked as a nurse in France during the Great War.

Luke Upward

The dashing first cousin of Willie and Sir Mortimer. An ace pilot during the Great War, until being shot down over France, where he met and married Amy Poussin. They have now five children.

Tommy Gunn

A brave soldier during the Great War. Tommy had to be nursed back to health by Con after being injured. Has been a frequent guest of her family since returning to England.

Lady Maria Richman

Late wife of Sir Mortimer Richman, and older sister to Fleur. Young and beautiful, it was unbelievably tragic when she died of arsenic poisoning at the last family party.

New years Revelation 6 player




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