The Eight Deadly Sinners

Murder mystery dinner party game for 8 players

Four Male/Four Female roles

Price: £40 

Murder mystery by ITM Games Group
Murder mystery play by Invitation To Events
The year is 1254. Nine set out from the village of Lower Morrals on a pilgrimage to the monestry on Iona. Nine set out but only eight will complete the journey. A pilgrimage is a time for telling stories, but there are some stories that should not be told. A pilgrimage is a time for discovering a persons character, but there are characteristics best left hidden….

Brief Biographies of Lords, Ladies and Peasants From The Estate in Lower Morrals. Choose your character.

Sir Basil Root - Lord of the Estate - Victim

Sir Basil is the Lord of the Estate of Lower Morrals.

He is big, baudy, brash, and bold; all in all a typical knight. He rules the estate with an iron fist, well a chain mailed fist. You do not stand up to Sir Basil without a death wish!

Lady Wisteria Root - Sir Basil's Wife

Wisteria is tall, blond and beautiful.

She was born into a good, if poor, family, but rose in social status when she married Sir Basil.

She has cultivated the image of the dumb blond, damsel-in-distress, hiding her razor sharp brain for fear of un-nerving her.

Squire Root - Sir Basil's Squire 

Filbert Root had greatness thrust upon him when Basil, his elder brother, left on his crusade. He was left to look after the estate at Lower Morrals. He rose to the challenge and found he enjoyed being in charge. While some people consider him a plodder, rather than a dynamic organiser, his methodical and calculating ways allowed him to understand all the workings of Sir Basil's estate.

Harry Ball - Farmer 

Harry was married and a father while still in his teens, so, even with teenage children of his own, he is still a young man. He is also tall and handsome. His family have lived and farmed in Lower Morrals for generations. Harry was injured when the cross fell on his right arm while it was being loaded onto the cart for the pilgrimage. As farming is difficult with one hand he decided to come on the pilgrimage.

Ami Ball - Farmer's Daughter 

A young friendly girl with a bubbly personality. She does not have the sophistication of Wisteria, but possesses an innocent girlish charm. With her slim good looks she is popular at the manor house, where she works in the stables. She is friends with everyone, even Fang, Sir Basil's ill tempered stallion.

Tom Pane - Soldier 

Tom Pane fought along side Sir Basil during his last crusade. It was during this time that his prowess on the battle field was noticed by Sir Basil. On their return to England Sir Basil hired Tom as his bodyguard. Sir Basil felt the strong, handsome, muscular man would deter assassination attempts.

Joy Desiree - Serving Girl 

With her long raven black hair and velvet brown eyes, no man could fail to be attracted by Joy.

She had grown tired of serving the men of the tavern and had moved on to serve in the manor house.

She was Queen of the May this year.

Brother Lazarus Printa - Monk

Raised by a God-fearing family, Lazarus rejected religion and became a drunkard and a womaniser. He later saw the light, which he said came to him as a blinding flash, and joined a monastery. Some people were amazed how he gave up his old ways, almost as if the old Lazarus had died and been replaced by a new one. He now spends his time in the monestry workshops with his latest invention.

Oprah Thee - Wise Woman 

Oprah would make someone a wonderful wife and mother. She is kind, caring, competent with needle and thread, an excellent cook and a keen gardener. She is always nurturing her herb garden and using its contents to produce exciting dishes. Maybe it is these homemaking qualities which have led some people to call her 'Homely' Oprah Thee.

The Eight Deadly Sinners

Murder mystery dinner party game for 8 players.
Four Male/Four Female roles

Price: £40