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An Online Mystery Adventure -Helloween

Helloween Themed Online Game

You are at an old spooky manor house at the invitation of Freddy Loren, an old college friend. He has invited the old gang from college, so this will be a good opportunity to catch up on all the gossip and to find out what everyone has been up to.  

But that's not the only reason you were all drawn here......You have been cursed ! Who would want to curse you? How did they curse you? You must try to solve this mystery before the clock strikes midnight.

So turn down the lights and let the game begin…

Helloween Game
Missing Reindeer Game by ITM Games Group
An Online Christmas Escape Room for all the family - 
The Mystery of the Missing Reindeer

It’s Christmas Eve at the North Pole. Santa and the elves are just loading the sleigh when Mrs Claus realises that the reindeer are missing…..In fact the reindeer have been kidnapped!

Can you help Mrs Claus and the elves find all the reindeer in time for Santa’s flight around the world? 


Online Murder Mystery Game -
St Valentine's Day Masquerade

An Online Murder Mystery Adventure

It’s February 15th 1923. You are in Chicago, a wild and lawless city where the corruption of the city administrators and officials is matched only by the ruthlessness of the gangs.Last night there were eight simultaneous hits ordered by “Diamond” Danny Ditali, infamous gang boss and rum-runner. But in the city there is one ‘Untouchable’ who, unlike the rest, has not been touched. The rumour is that after last night he has information he is wiling to share on “Diamond” Danny......and Danny is not happy.....