Murder Mystery Events

City Adventurers with a passion for investigation 
Read how The City Adventurers got on as we tried solving these crimes.....
Murder mystery by ITM Games Group

Murder Mystery Talks 

How to Kill People for Fun and Profit with author Dean James (Miranda James)

 Murder Mystery Workshop Demo

Murder and Mystery in Richmond Hill

Live author event with Anthony Horowitz

Marriage-of-vanessa murder

Marriage Of Vanessa

The Diplomats

The Diplomats
- murder mystery dinner

A Taste For Murder

A Taste For Murder

who-saw-someone-killing-santa-claus blog

Who Saw Someone Killing Santa Claus?

Murder Mystery at UCL

Murder Mystery at UCL

Another Murder Mystery at UCL

at UCL


CluedUpp  mystery hunt

Murder at the manor

The Heathcliff Manor Murder

Dead Drop - Diving into the murky world of Cold War espionage