Lamb to the Slaughter

Murder mystery dinner party game for 8 players

Four Male/Four Female roles

Price: £40 

Murder mystery by ITM Games Group
Lamb to the Slaughter
Murder mystery by ITM Games
Scene One
Date :- 8th March 1938
Time :- 7.30pm
Place :- The film set of "Mummy Knows Best"

"Mummy ! By the coffin !" stammered Janet in horror as she collapsed into Archie's strong masculine arms.
"It's only a prop" he murmured, reassuringly stroking her hair.
"No" she insisted "It's my mummy - Barbara !"

Archie and the others raced to the Egyptian Sarcophagus on the set of "Mummy Knows Best". There lay Barbara Lamb, head of Lamb Studios and Janet's stepmother, in a pool of blood. By her head was a 'CEDRIC' statuette and, nearby, a bloodstained business card bearing the words :

Janet Lamb 

20 years old, with long dark wavy hair and exotic eyes, Janet plays the heroine of all Lamb Studios Productions. This time she is playing "Janet" , the damsel in distress, in the latest production of "Mummy Knows Best". The part was tailor made for her.

Janet's father, Larry, started Lamb studios and ran the company until his death a couple of years ago. There are no photos of Janet's mother. Was this down to Larry's second wife, Barbara, destroying them?

Archie O'Logist

A smooth sophisticated character who dreams of greater things.
Archie has the good looks and charm of a matinee idol. Consequently he is always cast as the hero in Lamb Studio Production.

His physique allows also allows him to take on the action hero roles with ease.

He really love old things and has a valuable antique collection. 

Arabia Knight

This 38 year old actress began her career as a vamp in 1916. A star of the silent screen she is one of the few that has sucessfully transferred to talkies. 

Famed for her exotic dark eyes, Arabia has retained your good looks. Could this be down to her belief that you are what you eat? Having been a vegetarian for a number of years, she  hates garlic. 

Brad Ditch

With boyish good looks and an athletic body, Brad is destined to become a movie idol.....If only he could be cast in a lead role. Currently Brad is playing Archie's sidekick in "Mummy Knows Best".

However, he is also Janet's love interest on screen, so it's only a matter of time until he is discovered! 

Brad has a liking for fast cars.

Minnie Series

Janet's best friend is the beautiful and talented script writer of "Mummy Knows Best".
Minnie has the ability to create things. Characters, Situations, Plots....All she needs are talented actors to breath life into them. It's a shame she is working with these actors instead.....

Like Janet she has never seen any photos of her mother, who left when she as a baby.

Peter Wolf 

A large imposing figure with long unruly hair and a full beard. Peter emigrated to England from Germany a number of years ago.

Employed as the director of "Mummy Knows Best", he believes that a director is the author of his own films. As such the director should have overall control of all his productions....

No matter what other people may think!

Jilly Beans

Young and pretty, with short blond hair and delicate features, Jilly reads all the film magazines and is a real fan of the movies.

Her father, Count Beans, emigrated to England from a small central European country a number of years ago. Travelling with him was his lifelong friend and companion, Ebenezer Gore. Together they set up the accounting company that looks after Lamb accounts.

Count Beans was involved in a nasty hit and run accident last night. He was able to speak to Jilly briefly from his hospital bed and asked her to help Ebenezer to continue his work.  

Ebenezer Gore

Younger than he looks, Ebenezer prefers to dress in formal attire, as was expected in the old country.

He emigrated to England from the small central European country of Bosanova a number of years ago with his lifelong friend, Count Beans.

Ebenezer is the assistant accountant at Lamb Studios, working with Count Beans.

To remind him of home, he brought a pot plant from the old country which he is very fond of.

Lamb to the Slaughter

Minnie leaned over the body and felt for a pulse. "She's dead alright", she said, "The question now must be, which one of us killed her."
"One of us ?" shivered Jilly.
"Well, it is a closed set" replied Minnie "No-one else had access to this place".
"Of course, the police will have to be involved" said Brad, taking a step back.
"Eventually" replied Peter, putting a restraining hand on his arm. "For now, I suggest we go over what we know about Barbara and try to determine who hated her enough to want her dead.
"Well, that should be a short list!" muttered someone sarcastically.........

Lamb to the Slaughter

Murder mystery dinner party game for 8 players.
Four Male/Four Female roles

Price: £40