St Valentine's Day Masquerade

An Online Murder mystery Game 

Price: £20 

Murder mystery by ITM Games Group

It’s February 15th 1923. You are in Chicago, a wild and lawless city where the corruption of the city administrators and officials is matched only by the ruthlessness of the gangs.

The 18th amendment, or prohibition, is in force and you are all in the thick of it. Last night there were eight simultaneous hits ordered by “Diamond” Danny Ditali, infamous gang boss and rum-runner. Each of you made a hit on a victim known only to you and the boss. Eight hits in one night, this could go down in history.

But in the city there is one ‘Untouchable’ who, unlike the rest, has not been touched. This is William ‘Billy’ Lock. The rumour is that after last night he now has information on “Diamond” Danny......and Danny is not happy.....

St Valentine's Day Masquerade

Online Murder mystery Game 

Price: £20 

Danny ‘Diamond’ Ditali 

Chicago’s infamous gang boss and run runner. Owner of the exclusive club and speakeasy - “The Diamond Club” - in an up-market area of Chicago. Mr Ditali demands respect from everyone. Anyone not showing the proper respect had better watch their step.


The smooth and sophisticated off-Broadway actress. As Danny’s girlfriend she has the ear of the boss and an eye on his wallet. Not just a trophy on his arm, Aniline speaks her mind.
Danny isn’t the only one you need to watch out for!

Joe Bucatini 

The petty criminal who has always been on the fringes of crime, even spending some time in prison. It’s hard to describe him as he is a bit of a chameleon. He is looking for the chance to make the major league.

Ma Trenette 

One of the toughest women who ever held up a train or robbed a bank. Ma and her gang were feared throughout the west. Ma has now gone solo and lives in Chicago where she arranges things for Danny, and we are not talking flowers.

Sophia Lumache 

The glamorous dizzy blonde who always acts the innocent. She works for Danny in one of his speakeasies as a dancer, having recently left a similar job in New York. Her bright bubbly personality makes her a favourite with the customers.

Toni Riga 

The smooth handsome Italian with the Mediterranean good looks and slim muscular build. When he talk women melt just like maple syrup. He is keen on everything new, new clothes, new style. In fact, anything fashionable.

Frankie Rotelle 

The young, fresh faced, man with big ambitions. He started off as a delivery boy delivering pizzas, but has graduated to delivering more dangerous things.

Johnny Farfalle 

The ex-soldier who returned from serving with the American forces during the Great War and joined Danny as an enforcer.

Millicent Penne 

Neat, prim and very proper is Millicent Penne. Works for Danny as an accountant, but is not beyond taking on a little extra work.

St Valentine's Day Masquerade

Online Murder mystery Game 

Price: £20