Run Rabbit Run

Murder mystery dinner party game for 8 -10 players

Four Male/Four Female roles Price: £40

Five Male/Five Female roles Price £50

Murder mystery by ITM Games Group
Run Rabbit Run (8 players)
Run Rabbit Run Murder mystery by ITM Games
Members of the DeVere theatre company had just started rehearsals for their next production at the Good Fortune theatre.

Suddenly there was an explosion and Buck Mailer was found dead in the centre of the stage, crushed beneath the fallen safety curtain. 
Brief Biographies of those present in the theatre at the time of the incident are given below.Choose your character.
Run Rabbit Run (10 players)

Buck Mailer - Actor -  now playing corpse - Victim

Buck Mailer joined the company unexpectedly while it was touring Bosanova. A talented actor, with a habit for upsetting people, Buck Mailer died on stage - literally - killed by the safety curtain.
Now playing corpse - Victim 

Montague DeVere - Director of the company

Director of the theatre company who is renowned for producing great plays. 
He started working in the theatre while completing National Service in the army. 
One of his greatest achievements was directing the veteran actor Sir James Gillymott, and his daughter Margot, in a Richard D'ling play. He later married Margot.

Margot DeVere - Actress, wife of Montague

Married to the director, Montague DeVere, it is not surprising Margot is an actor as she is the daughter of world famous actor Sir James Gillymott. Acting is in her blood, with the Gillymotts being the royalty of the theatre.
Margot has the grace, the charm, the elegance of a princess. On stage she has a commanding presence, that can overshadow lesser actors. 

Conney Trabande - Production Manager

Constance, or Conney, has been with the theatre company for some time. As theatre manager she arranges all the company's tours. When three of the show's performers left suddenly during the recent tour, Conney managed to find replacements at short notice. She is very good at fixing things.

Veracity Burrows - Actress

Known for playing delicate damsel roles, Veracity nearly always plays a naive heroine. 
She has been acting all her life and often receives rave reviews.

One of her little foibles is that she is very superstitious. 

Martha Hare - Actress

Martha joined the theatre company on its recent tour of Bosanova. Although unknown outside Bosanova she has quite a reputation within the country.
A great character actor, the role of maid in the new production does not do justice to her charm and sophistication.

Warren Lane - Actor

A smooth sophisticated character both on and off stage. 
This has not always been the case. Warren started out as Mr. Supersuds in a long running series of television adverts. Known as the bespectacled superhero who wore his pants on the outside because they were so clean, he battled the agents of filth armed only with an economy pack and a sincere smile.
Warren was in Montague's squad while completing National Service in the army. 

Eric Leveret - Actor

Specialising in playing the 'bumbling vicar' role, Eric is really a physics scientist, who once worked at the High Energy Laboratory for Physics and Unclear Sciences (HELPUS). He gave science up as acting paid more.
Currently a member of the 'Moral Majority' party, Eric is planning to stand for political office in the next general election. His is campaigning to make the streets safe for people to go to the ballet or the opera without worry.

Sebastian Graylord - Actor

You are a female impersonator who joined the theatre company during a recent tour of Bosanova. You were a great success and now find yourself in great demand for the celebrity circuit, chatshows, daytime TV, etc. So far you have resisted all these offers preferring to concentrate on the theatre.
Under the mascara and blusher your chiselled good looks could turn a woman head. Your wardrobe could also turn heads.

Run Rabbit Run

Murder mystery dinner party game for 8 players.
Four Male/Four Female roles Price: £40 

Additional Characters

For the 10 player game there are two additional characters.
Sir James Gillymott - An Elderly Actor, who has worked with the company for years. He is also Margot DeVere's husband.
Nurse Better - Personal Aide to Sir Gillymott.

Nurse Better - Aide to Sir Gillymott

The beautiful young nurse engaged act as Sir James Gillymott's "companion" and keep him from getting into trouble. Her name is Ruby Better but most people call her Nurse Better.
She knew of Sir James before landing the job, having seen some of his later roles and particularly likes his MacDuff.
Ruby Better loves the theatre, but, has never acted.

Sir James Gillymott - Elderly Actor

A world famous thespian, Sir James has been working in the theatre for well over half a century, both as a director and an actor.
He retired from the stage a few years ago, following a period of ill health. 
His daughter, Margot Gillymott, now Margot DeVere, has continued the family's acting tradition and Sir James has also lent his name to the prestigious Gillymott awards.

Run Rabbit Run

Murder mystery dinner party game for 10 players.
Five Male/Five Female roles Price: £50