Shotgun Wedding

Murder mystery dinner party game for 8 -12 players

Four Male/Four Female roles Price: £40

Six Male/Six Female roles Price £60

Murder mystery by ITM Games Group
Shotgun Wedding (8 players)
Shotgun Wedding (12 players)
Murder mystery  by Invitation To Events
First on the scene was Win Chester. She was quickly joined by other members of the wedding party, who had all heard the shots.

Everyone returned to Salina’s house to await the arrival of the police, and to try to determine who wanted the wedding stopped so badly that they were prepared to kill.

As they assembled around the table laid with the no-longer-needed wedding breakfast a hush fell. 


You are a tall, handsome young man, with velvet brown eyes and brown curly hair.

You have no memory of your father, Hunter Land, who died when you were a baby. Hunter left you and your mother sizable trust funds, so you have never had any financial worries.

You are quite close to your step-father, Homer, who is only eight years your senior.

Kass is your best friend and was due to be best man. Your childhood friend, Candy, was to be chief bridesmaid. Win, the other bridesmaid, is new on the scene.

LIZA LOTT.Groom’s Mother.

At 36 you are still a beautiful woman, with short, blond, curly hair and baby-blue eyes. You married Homer, ten years your junior, two years ago.

You were a childhood friend of Salina and Marshall Earth, and were their bridesmaid almost nineteen years ago. You briefly lost touch when you moved away and married Hunter Land. Following his death, you returned to Little Upingham with your son, Simon.

You were deeply upset by Marshall’s death and were glad that Randy Olver, a former childhood friend of Marshall and now local vicar, was around to offer comfort.

You met Homer Lott when he came to install a new shower unit. You were instantly attracted to each other and it was not long before he had installed himself into your affections. You have been married for two years.

SALINA EARTH.Brides Mother.

You and Liza were childhood friends. She was your bridesmaid almost nineteen years ago when you married Marshal Earth. You briefly lost touch when Liza moved away but renewed your friendship on her return, after she tragically lost her husband.
Marshall, your husband, was killed in a hunting accident six years ago. You sought the comfort of the church and your old friend, Rev. Olver.
You have straight dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. Helen inherited your good looks. People have commented on how you and Helen look more like sisters than mother and daughter.  

HOMER LOTT.Groom’s Step-father

You are a 26 year old self-employed plumber, with rugged good looks. You were employed to do some work at Lodge Cottage a couple of years ago, where you met Liza. You fell instantly in love with her. You married soon afterwards and moved into Lodge Cottage. Since then you have been selective in the jobs you have undertaken.
You are close to your step-son. 


You were a bit of a tearaway in your youth, with a fast motorbike and a string of girlfriends. Liza and Salina, being childhood friends, still call you by your Christian name of Randy. You were also a close friend of Marshall Earth and often used to go fishing and hunting together.
Much to everyone’s surprise, you had a change of heart and become a vicar on leaving school. You are now resident vicar at St Pauls Little Upingham.
You were horrified when Marshall was killed in a hunting accident, but had to hold back your grief to comfort Salina, Marshall’s widow, and Liza.
For the last six months your niece, Win Chester, has been staying with you. 


You have a lean, muscular body, piercing blue eyes and soft blond curls. With charisma which few women can resist, there are a string of broken hearts in your wake.

You are Simon’s best friend and were due to be his best man. While you were happy to be Simon’s best man, you do not see yourself getting trapped into marriage.

Being a friendly type of guy, you were a close friend to Helen and Candy as well. You would like to get closer to Win.

Your father is "Boss" Anover, head of the local pipe making factory.

CANDY SWEET.Chief Bridesmaid.

You are a beautiful young lady with flaming red hair and a bright, sunny disposition.

You were a school friend of Helen, Simon and Kass. You were happy to be asked to be Helen’s chief bridesmaid.

You are the only child of Mr Sweet, the village locksmith, and are currently learning the family business.

WIN CHESTER. Bridesmaid.

You are the niece of Rev. Olver and have been staying with him for six months.
You have long, dark hair and pretty features. Although your hair is wavy and Helen’s is straight, you have been mistaken for sisters.
You were surprised and honoured to be asked to be bridesmaid. Helen, Simon, Candy and Kass seemed such a close-knit group that you were pleased to be included in their plans. You were overjoyed because you love weddings.

RUBY COTTON.Dressmaker.

You run your own dressmaking business and specialise in wedding dresses.

You have a bubbly personality that makes people feel at ease. They come to your shop for fittings and end up staying far longer than they intended as you love to chat to clients. Not that you are a gossip. You just have an intelligent curiosity. 

BOSS ANOVER. Local businessman.

You own the local factory which produces piping and plumbing equipment.

Liza, Marshall and Salina were childhood friends of yours. Although you knew Randy in the old days, he was a bit of a tearaway with a fast motorbike and a string of girlfriends. More of a rival than a friend.

Your son is Kass Anover, Simon's best friend and best man.

You have the same piercing blue eyes and soft blond curls as your son. He has also inherited your charisma which few women can resist.

Before you married Kass' mother there were a string of broken hearts in your wake. Since she left you, there have been a few more.......

MOTHER EARTH.Brides Grandmother.

You are the matriarch of the Earth family. You are Marshall Earth's mother, and grandmother of the bride.

Marshall, your beloved son, was killed in a hunting accident six years ago. You have never liked your daughter-in-law and have not spoken to her since your son's death. You have never forgiven her for taking him away from you.

Marshall's spirit lives on in his only child. However, you are not very close to your grand-daughter. You found out about her wedding by reading the local paper ! 

FRED SWEET. Local locksmith.

You own your own locksmiths business.

Your daughter is Candy Sweet, Helen’s chief bridesmaid.

Your daughter has inherited your flaming red hair, but her mothers sunny disposition. You have a much stronger temper.

Although you have lived around Little Upingham for most of your life, you were not part of Marshall Earth's crowd of friends. You were from the wrong side of the tracks. You were pleased that Candy was made to feel part of the group as you never had been.

Shotgun Wedding

Murder mystery dinner party game for 8 players.
Four Male/Four Female roles             Price: £40 

Shotgun Wedding

Murder mystery dinner party game for 12 players.
Six Male/Six Female roles Price: £60