Solve the Murder book club

The Solve The Murder Book Club 

Calling all bookworms and mystery lovers!

The City Adventurers love reading, and we're not afraid to admit it! We especially love mysteries and murder mysteries. That's why we created the Solve the Murder Book Club.

Our book club is the perfect place to discover mystery and murder mystery books, read reviews, and connect with other book lovers. You'll even get invited to online talks and author events, so you can learn more about your favorite authors and books.

But wait, there's more! We also have a bookshop, where you can buy all of the latest and greatest mystery and murder mystery books. And don't forget to check out our blog for reviews and photos of our events.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Solve the Murder Book Club today and start exploring the world of mystery!

City Adventurers meeting Rebecca Tope

Meeting Rebecca Tope

The City Adventurers were lucky enough to meet Rebecca Tope, the author of  The Cotswold Mysteries Collection, the West Country Mysteries and the Lake District Mysteries.

City Adventurers meeting Ruth Ware

Meeting Ruth Ware

The City Adventurers met Ruth Ware, the British psychological thriller author. She is a #1 New York Times and Globe and Mail (Toronto) bestselling author.

Meeting L C Tyler

Meeting L C Tyler

The City Adventurers met L C Tyler, author of the Herring Mysteries and the John Grey series. Twice Winner of the Last Laugh Award for the best humorous crime novel of the year. Winner of the CWA short story Dagger (2017).

Reading a book

What are we reading?

A murder mystery book club. Over 18's only.
Join us enjoying mystery reading and meeting authors.
Mystery books suggested each month. 
Chance to meet Authors of all genres 
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meeting Christel Holst-Sande Cowdrey

Author Talk by Christel Holst-Sande Cowdrey 

Christel Cowdrey’s How to Fire Your Husband in Easy Steps (A Miraculous Divorce!) is the true of extricating herself from her marriage without recrimination and bitterness to follow a new path with dignity and calm.

City Adventurers with James Flannagan - writer

Author Talk by James Flanagan 

James Flanagan has just published his first  Sci-fi novel.
The City Adventuers met him as he talked about and read some of his book - Genefire.

City Adventurers with Nuzo Onoh

Author Talk by Nuzo Onoh

Nuzo Onoh is an award-winning Nigerian-British writer and a pioneer of the African horror literary genre and hailed as the “Queen of African Horror”. She is also a Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Rather than taking about her latest book – “A Dance for the Dead” – she spoke about Ancestor Veneration in Black Communities.

City Adventurers meet Ola Awonubi

Author Talk by Ola Awonubi 

Director’s secretary by day and writer by night, Ola Awonubi is author of 7 books. Her latest book is "A Nurses Tale" about Adenrele Ademola, borna Nigerian Princess, who trained as a nurse in London during the second world war – facing both the devastation of the Blitz and the prejudice of some of the people she was trying to help.

Futher Book Related Events

City Adventurers also attend book launches and  attend author talks online. 
Recently we took part in World Book Night, with a reading at a library.