We bought Mysterium a couple of years ago from a games shop in Cardiff, after the shop assistant recommended it. This is a cooperative mystery game. Someone has been murdered at the manor house and their ghost needs their death solved to move on. Most players take the part of a medium, trying to solve… More Mysterium

Murdered For Money

Movies Mobsters and Murder Last week City Adventurers were whisked back in time to Hollywood in the 1920’s…..To a time when the studios were just moving from silent films to the new talkies. We had been invited to an extravagant house party, hosted by the notorious Katsby. With stars of stage and screen on the… More Murdered For Money

Death by Powerpoint

Fancy a virtual murder mystery party? The people at Red Herring Games. have a free 15 minute murder mystery for 3 people so you can try out hosting via the internet. Photo by Edward Jenner on Death by Powerpoint Plot: Everyone hates Tuesday. It isn’t the start of the week, it isn’t in the… More Death by Powerpoint

Solve The Mystery Of Who Killed Victoria Rushmore?

With everyone staying at home at the moment, Blackwatch Entertainment have created an online adventure to keep your grey cells active from the comfort of the sofa. We signed up for the online adventure, but missed any notice that it had launched! Not to worry as all the episodes are now available on Youtube. (… More Solve The Mystery Of Who Killed Victoria Rushmore?

Murder at the Manor!

We were invited to Heathcliff Manor, where Lord Heathcliff was hosting a dinner party to celebrate his recent marriage. But before anyone could toast his happiness, Lord Heathcliff was killed with the candlestick in the pool room. This was Murder at the Manor and we had to discover who snuffed out his candle! For this… More Murder at the Manor!