Looking Good Dead

We were surprised to discover that Adam Woodyatt was playing Tom Bryce, not DS Roy Grace, in this play. Tom Bryce is the hapless victim who puts his family in danger having found a USB memory stick that links to a subscription snuff movie site. Having seen a murder, the family are in danger….… More Looking Good Dead

A Monster Murder Mystery in Eastleigh

As Halloween approached, the City Adventurers decided to head to The Concorde in Eastleigh for a Halloween Celebration. We’d been there for afternoon tea in the summer and were looking forward to meeting up with old friends. We were instructed to wear Halloween costumes and duly packed our Vampire attire. It wasn’t until we were about to… More A Monster Murder Mystery in Eastleigh

Murder In The Grand

On 1st August City Adventurers traveled back in time to solve the case of Murder In The Grand. Al Scapone , Godfather of the infamous Scapone family, had been found dead in his office at his club known as “The Grand”. There was no doubt Al Scapone had enemies, but it seems his murder may… More Murder In The Grand