Who Murdered Sir Quentin  Fridge?

A Stab in the Dark is a Murder Mystery company based in Coventry. As with all other murder mystery companies, their live events have been cancelled during the Covid-19 lockdown. While at home, the company have put together a mini online murder mystery to keep your deductive juices flowing.

When Sir Quentin  Fridge is murdered in a luxury apartment the suspects are:

  • Lady Phillipa Fridge
  • Countess Agnes Von Der Bahr
  • Lee Mozine
  • Wayne Anchor

Watch Murder Under Lockdown at https://youtu.be/UqcxDZ6RnM4 where Inspector Thoroughly questions all the suspects.  At the end of the video you should be able to decide whodunit. To find out if you have solved the murder correctly, you have to visit their follow up video called “The Killer Revealed!” .

A Stab in the Dark Murder Mysteries videos can be seen on their Youtube channel, at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8jPRZp-kNpKDA5jW4NGvIA

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