The Great Chicago Takeout

Set in Chicago in 1923 and the times of prohibition, you are invited to “The Diamond Club”. This is the exclusive speakeasy owned by Diamond Danny, the infamous rum runner and gang boss.

Danny has a problem that he needs you to sort out…..and you don’t want to refuse an “offer” from Danny!

The Great Chicago Takeout

Murder Mystery

For this Murder Mystery dinner you are the sleuths…….and also the suspects.

This is an interactive event. You will be allocated parts before the night. Feel free to dress your part and get into character as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

On the night get more details about your motives for being there and details about others in attendance. Props, where necessary, will be provided.

There are some main parts, which are crucial to the plot, that may involve announcing things to the group. No acting is necessary, but a bit of characterisation wouldn’t hurt! However, there are also parts that involve no public speaking, just interacting with other guests. After all, everyone wants to solve the crime and they may have just the information you are looking for……

The Great Chicago Takeout Murder Mystery

Date : Saturday 21st February 2015

Place : The George, 1 D’Arblay Street, W1F 8DN London

Time : 7pm

Price : £30 each (Earlybird £28)

What’s included :

• A welcome drink

• A pizza meal

• Clue packs including pencils to jot down clues

• A fun evening of investigation

• Prizes for winners

• Surprises

Tickets are available from

Over 18’s only


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