Murder at the Museum

Although a mystery jigsaw, the picture on the box is also the picture on the puzzle. So you can do this as an ordinary puzzle without trying to solve the crime. As the picture is not altered by the story, you can do the jigsaw first and leave reading the story until the jigsaw is completed. The murder mystery element is provided in a storybook by Claudia Busto.

We set about completing the jigsaw without reading the story this time. The puzzle proved “challenging”. Too many odd shaped bits the same colour that it was difficult to piece together. I don’t remember us having that problem with the first jigsaw in the series, but then you could spot the different characters and group their pieces by shade. This one was set in a garden with the same colour flowers on each side, so you were never sure which flower bed you were trying to complete. Also, for Bits and Pieces puzzles all the pieces are non-repetitive shapes, so you have no idea what shapes fit together, or, indeed, just butt against each other..

The answer to the crime was not included in the box, so we had to Google the answer. And no, we did not solve it correctly!

Want to give it a go? Murder at the Museum is available from Amazon at

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