The Trail Series

There are five books in The Trail Series by AA Abbott.

The first book in the series I got on Kindle. It leads nicely into the Kat White series.

The Bride’s Trail

Kat’s fake weddings made big bucks. But now the money’s gone and a killer wants her dead……

Glamorous Kat is the flatmate Amy dreamed of, taking her to glitzy parties and cocktail bars. Then the fun stops. Kat’s been making money from sham marriages, and she vanishes just when the cops accuse Amy of the crime. Meanwhile, Kat’s gangster boss wants her blood. A pile of his cash went missing too. He’s hot on the trail as Amy follows Kat from London to secret tunnels in Birmingham. What will happen if he finds Kat first?

The Vodka Trail

Kat blames Marty for her parents’ deaths. Now she’s been kidnapped, and only Marty can save her life.
Kat White was heiress to a vodka fortune until her family lost everything. Where was her father’s business partner, ruthless Marty Bridges, when her parents were fighting for their lives?

Now Kat wants to reclaim what’s rightfully hers. She’s intent on restoring her family’s high-end vodka business and stopping Marty’s gravy train. There’s just one small problem. She and Marty have been kidnapped by terrorists. Kat knows they plan to kill her, but her only chance of escape depends on Marty.

Can Kat trust a man who values money over lives?

The Grass Trail

Kat put Shaun behind bars. Now he threatens her new love and her life.

When Kat White’s evidence put a cold-blooded killer behind bars, she thought she’d move on. She’s got a new place to live, a new business and a new lover. When she receives disturbing letters, she’s shocked to the core. Who hates her enough to threaten her life?

She’s forgotten about ruthless Shaun Halloran. Fixated on the young blonde who put him away, he’s using his network to draw a noose around her. Shaun may be in prison, but he can still imperil Kat’s love, sanity and life…

The Revenge Trail

Kat makes the best vodka in the world…but is it good enough to die for?

Glamorous Kat White has finally made it big. Her craft vodka brand and her life are going places, while the mother who abandoned her faces financial ruin. So does shady vodka salesman, Marty Bridges. Kat doesn’t trust him, she doesn’t even like him – but if his business goes under, so will hers.

That’s not her biggest problem. Cold-blooded killer Shaun Halloran wants her dead. He’ll stop at nothing to make it happen – even if he has to break out of jail to take revenge on the woman who put him there.

Kat’s been dreaming of love and success. Maybe she should just focus on staying alive…

The Final Trail

Ben killed his father to save Kat’s life. He’s broken his gangster clan’s code, and they want his blood.
Ben Halloran became an outcast when he killed his crime boss father to save glamorous Kat White’s life. Now his brother wants to even the score..

Kat’s afraid of both Hallorans, especially when Ben gets close to her best friend. But this time, the stakes are more than just Kat’s life.

All the trail books are available from City Adventurers Solve The Murder

The Revenge Trail - photo by Juliamaud
The Revenge Trail – photo by Juliamaud

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