Love Midsomer Murders? Love Cluedo?

A murder mystery board game to play with the family.

Love Midsomer Murders? You bet you do…..

Love Cluedo? Of course….Cluedo Midsomer Murders Edition Board Game

Now combine the two and you have the Cluedo Midsomer Murders Edition Board Game !

The body of wealthy businesswoman Elizabeth Jones has been found in Badger’s Drift and the police suspect foul play.

Your task is to find out who killed Elizabeth Jones

Rumour has it that Elizabeth had been spotted with property developers. What were her big plans for the village? Could someone from the village want to stop her in her tracks?

Can you seek out who did it?

Will you work out where they did it?

And with what weapon?

Check out Cluedo Midsomer Murders Edition Board Gametoday.

City Adventurers……and murder mystery fans

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