Death By Student Loan



Death By Student Loan is by LC Russell. When I read it, it was also called volume one, however I have been unable to find volume two.

Mariah Garrett is the heroine of the story. She has agoraphobia and a six-figure student loan. She also has a human head stashed in the pantry and a hidden staircase in the back of a closet and a way of time travelling back to 1957.

The time-travel question of the “butterfly effect” always adds to the dilemma of a time-travel adventure – How can the person from the “present” straighten out the situation of the past without changing her own future?

An interesting read and hopefully the first of a series.



A $100,000 student loan is murder-but then so is a head stashed in your pantry.
Mariah Garrett, has two weighty problems-crushing agoraphobia, and a six-figure student loan. While searching for something to sell on eBay one morning, she uncovers a hidden staircase in the upstairs closet of the beachside Victorian once belonging to her Great Aunt Mae. A misstep on a stair sends her plummeting to the bottom and back to 1957, where she meets a young Aunt Mae who invites her to join the H.O.E.S. (Houston’s Outstanding Emissaries of Society) But when the annual H.O.E.S ball takes a deadly turn, Mariah soon discovers that the Nifty Fifties can be a dangerous place.


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