Murder Before Evensong

A letter from Richard Coles from When I moved from central London to my parish in rural Northamptonshire, a friend asked if I wouldn’t miss the challenges of ministering in the inner city, and quickly tire of fêtes and beetle drives and dog shows.  There was a murder in my first week. Anything can happen anywhere, an… More Murder Before Evensong

Costa Del Death

Time for another online murder mystery by Femme Fatalities. As it’s holiday season, this one is set on the Costa Del Death. Sign up for 5 Days worth of videos, clues, puzzles and sleuthing at Costa Del Death. Who knows what will happen when TANYA HYDE, MACCA RONI, PEPA RONI, ZAVA RONI, JUAN TAPISAME, PHIL DEEBAG… More Costa Del Death

Death By Chocolate

The City Adventurers gathered a stash of chocolate ready for the latest adventure from Murdered For Money company. Death By Chocolate – The Plot  It’s not all sweetness and light at the world-famous, but very exclusive, chocolate company “Fountain Chocolate”, and when, not long after a major announcement, a body is found in the soft… More Death By Chocolate

Looking Good Dead

We were surprised to discover that Adam Woodyatt was playing Tom Bryce, not DS Roy Grace, in this play. Tom Bryce is the hapless victim who puts his family in danger having found a USB memory stick that links to a subscription snuff movie site. Having seen a murder, the family are in danger….… More Looking Good Dead