Murder She Wrote

The unforgettable Jessica Fletcher Winner of four Golden Globes and nominated for 12 consecutive Emmy awards for Best Actress in a Drama, Angela Lansbury starred as Jessica Fletcher in the murder mystery series Murder, She Wrote. Quick to outwit both criminals and cops when it comes to solving a murder, Jessica used her considerable intellect, charm,… More Murder She Wrote

Thomas Magnum

As you might expect from a website called magnum-mania, the top place in the list of America’s Top Sleuths goes to Thomas Magnum, the main character in Magnum, P.I. The show, which starred Tom Selleck as Magnum, ran from 1980 to 1988. Magnum was a private investigator in Hawaii. He lived in the guest house on Robin Masters’ estate, as security for… More Thomas Magnum

Lt. Columbo and the “open” murder mystery.

An open and closed case? A murder mystery requires a unsolved crime. It also requires an investigator to unravel the mystery. Someone to put the clues and evidence together to catch the criminal. There are two ways this can be approached – Open and Closed. Closed The classic ‘whodunit’. Neither the audience nor the investigator… More Lt. Columbo and the “open” murder mystery.