Dressed to Kill

Dressed to Kill was the penultimate Moonstone Murders play-a-long murder mystery events. Set in the world of high fashion Pierre Couture had been stabbed in the back. Who could have done it?

As ever, Inspector Rutherford was on hand to question the suspects, this time aided by DI Lapworth. Could it be Bryony Hughes, Pierre’s assistant? Or maybe rival fashion designer, Christian Clone. What was model Fabian Zaine hiding? And what had head of security Karen Clapp been up to?

Another fun evening of investigation at Moonstone Murders play-a-long

assorted clothes hanged on brown wooden rack
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

The Final Moonstone Murders Live(ish) Murder Mystery will be

Cyanide in the Speakeasy 

on Thursday 2nd July 2020

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