A Virtual Cruise…To Murder!

The City Adventurers recently took a trip back in time to 1934.

Although the great depression was over and it was a time of prosperity for the social elite, the Great War had cut a swathe through the male population. There wasn’t a family in England that was untouched. Fathers, husbands, sons… all were lost in the trenches, and there is a whole generation of women growing up without any prospect of marriage. Families fortunate enough to have the resources or connections had begun sending their daughters to the colonies in the hope of finding a suitable match.

One of the ships making regular trips to the colonies was the S.S. Ranchi. Owned by the Pacific and Orient Steam Ship Navigation Company she sailed a regular route between England, Bombay and Australiacarrying both passengers and cargo.

As well as civilians, her cabins were regularly occupied by military personnel and government officials travelling to and from the various outposts of the British Empire. On this voyage she was sailing with a number of murder mystery enthusiasts who were keen to meet some of the characters from Cosykiller “An inheritance of murder”.

Would there be a murder on board? As this weekend long virtual voyage was organised by Red Herring Games you could guess there would be a murder most foul to solve too.

The Mystery Plot…

In June 1934 Brighton England, made the international news when dismembered body parts were discovered in a trunk at Brighton Railway Station. This discovery launched a national search and further dismembered parts were found at Kings Cross Station, London.

Dubbed “The Brighton Trunk Murder”– the victim was never identified and “the mystery of the Girl with the Pretty feet” – has never been solved…

When a suitcase containing a pair of severed legs is found within the luggage on board the S.S. Ranchi – the Captain and his crew do their best to disguise the smell and keep the passengers unaware of their discovery, enlisting the help of a travelling civil servant Roger Patrick to oversee the investigation and keep the passengers calm.

However news travels fast between the crew and passengers and it’s not long before the entire ship is aware of the discovery………

Could it be Marie Jones? Young and eligible, she was part of the British “Fishing Fleet” sent to India to find a suitable match. Or maybe Mrs Steele, who shared her cabin and was returning to India after many years away. How about Mr and Mrs Patrick or rich widow Josephine Bell? Plus studious and serious, Henry Sims, returning to India after graduating from law school. Then there is loud and brash, Bruce Wilson is returning to Australia following a brief sojourn in England to tie up some family matters. As well as those returning, there are others heading for a fresh start – kind and gentle Dr MacIntyre and soon to be governess, Francesca Smythe. All are looked after by friendly steward – Leonard Osbourne.

Could any of these people be responsible for the gruesome discovery?

Will any of them meet their end before land fall?

A fantastic weekend cruise by Red Herring Games that included two days of murder mystery plus lots of other activities. We had a drawing lesson with Marie Jones, an Indian cookery class, a quiz night, a virtual escape room, Cocktail hour and a meet the mystery author session with three published authors.

Want to find out what happens when the ship reaches India? Cosykiller offer a Murder Mystery Subscription Box called An Inheritance Of Murder that carries on where the virtual cruise leaves off. Pick your subscription box at https://www.cosykiller.com/pick-your-box/

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