SCREAM is a virtual murder mystery challenge for Halloween by Murdered For Money. Written by By Steve Clark and David Lovesy, this production has been adapted for the virtual world by Bridget Wilkinson. Tickets are available for £9 per household

Six days of monstrous mayhem and murder in the run up to Halloween.

It is the night of the Monsters’ AGM and their leader, the notorious Granny is going to announce her retirement. Everyone wants to be her successor and will go to any lengths to ensure they get the job….

Featuring Dracula, The Bride of Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde, Wizards, witches and more, the event is lighthearted and fun for all (No horror or gore!)

This event is played over six days, starting on the 27th October, with video footage and clues sent each day. On Friday 30th October there is a live interrogation of the monsters……..if you dare!

You have until midnight on Saturday 31st (Halloween night!) to submit your answer!

All is then revealed on Sunday evening!


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