Murder at Bedford Manor

Murder at Bedford Manor is a Bits and Pieces jigsaw by Artist Gene Dieckhoner. It includes an original story by Claudia Busto.

I bought the jigsaw puzzle as it suggested you had to read the story and solve this murder mystery. Unlike other puzzles of this type, the picture on the box is also the picture on the puzzle. So you can do this as an ordinary puzzle without trying to solve the crime.

This puzzle was challenging due to the variety of interesting and non-repetitive shapes in the pieces. This is a characteristic of Bits and Pieces puzzles.

The murder mystery element comprises a storybook. We read the story before beginning the puzzles then had to read it through again at the end to get the solution. As the picture is not altered by the story, you can do the jigsaw first and leave reading the story until the jigsaw is completed.

The answer to who murdered Whistler was not included in the box. However, you can Google the answer or find it on the bits and pieces website behind a Spoiler Alert

Murder at the Museum is also available from Amazon at

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