A Gentleman of Fortune

It’s Richmond, 1806.

Miss Dido Kent has developed rather a taste for mysteries, having solved the riddle at Belsfield Hall. When her quiet holiday with her cousin Flora is disturbed by the suspicious death of a neighbour, Miss Dido is once more at the centre of an unusual investigation. All eyes have fallen on the late Mrs Lansdale’s nephew ‘for it has not passed without notice that he has lost a remarkably tyrannical relation and gained a very fine inheritance’. Miss Dido is intrigued by the rumours and, at Flora’s behest, starts a little investigation of her own.

And as she does so, she brings more to light than even she could have imagined.

A Gentleman of Fortune is by Anna Dean and is part of the Miss Dido Kent series.

A Gentleman of Fortune and additional books in The Miss Dido Kent Series are also available from City Adventurers Solve The Murder

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