Breen and Tozer Series

William Shaw’s Breen and Tozer Series contains 4 Books –

A Song from Dead Lips, A House of Knives, A Book of Scars, Sympathy for the Devil

The whole series is available from City Adventurers Solve The Murder

William Shaw’s Sympathy for the Devil is set in London in 1969 and is the fourth in the Breen and Tozer series.

The murder – A crime of passion. She made a profit from rich men. They paid for her youth. She paid with her life.

To investigate the prostitute’s murder, DS Cathal Breen isn’t scared to question powerful suspects. But when a mysterious man from MI6 calls, Breen begins to fear he’s uncovered a spy scandal. And then Breen’s girlfriend Helen Tozer, with her ex-copper instincts, gets dangerously involved. Right or wrong, Breen knows he has too much to lose. He can have no sympathy for the devil…..

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