Glenmore Haunting

We found this at the back of the cupboard. I couldn’t remember doing it before and it soon became clear why not……..

The story is OK. A couple win a trip to a haunted castle and arrive to find they are the only (non-related) guests. Everyone else has arrived for a reading to find out who inherits the castle. Dun Dun Dun!…..

So you can tell someone is not going to make it to the morning.

Sure enough there is a murder and you have to assemble the jigsaw to find out who did it.

Not only is this puzzle difficult, it is also boring. The highlight of the piece is a tartan patterned material worn by the victim. The rest is a lot of blue/purple/black pieces that have little texture or lighting variations. Consequently, you’ll find yourself trying to join every piece to every other piece of the same colour. Tedious.

Left Ian to put it together and he soldiered on until he felt he had done enough to solve the crime. We got it right, for the wrong reason, and without the puzzle giving us much direction.

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