Murder on the dance floor!

After an unusual year of dance, things were heating up in the finals of the Ballroom & Latin dance championships. This year, for the first time, the championships were being covered by the local TV station. That wouldn’t stop squabbles over sequins, frenzies over feathers, and a tussle with the tango. You could even say such things were to be expected.

But nobody could expect the event to end in a murder on the dance floor!

Well, OK a few of us expected it.

Yes the City Adventurers were once again solving a murder by Murdered4Money. Strictly Murder was their latest fundraising event for Wessex Cancer Trust.

The first evening began with Interviewer, Wilbur Hog, talking to all the contestants. Then he interviewed the head judge, Felicity. This was followed by the dance competition and scoring. Then each couple had a short break to get ready for their final dances.

The audience at Strictly Murder were able to see the couples waiting backstage, before and after their performances. Unfortunately, we were not treated to the actual dances themselves. But, to be fair, the important action was happening off stage, with (you’ve guessed it) a murder!

The City Adventurers came up with a reasonable idea on who was responsible…….then came the night of the interrogations. We realised we had been led a dance and needed to twist our answer in another direction entirely.

And yes, this time we managed to solve all the crimes!

Another fun adventure with great acting from the cast at Murdered For Money.

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