In Custardy!

Yesterday, the City Adventurers were invited to join Bob Roberts and his family for an important family get-together.

Bob Roberts, a retired builder and horse breeder, had invited everyone to a dinner cooked by his lovely wife, Sylvia. Unfortunately, despite bags of enthusiasm, she was not the greatest of cooks. In fact the only thing she made well, according to Bob, was her custard!

She had been assisted by their grandaughter, Charlie Roberts, who had ambitions of going to drama school. Charlie’s father, George, had been invited, but Charlie’s mother (George’s Ex-wife) Abeeda had not. That didn’t stop her turning up at the dinner anyway! Also there were Bob’s other sons:- Victor (the youngest son of Bob and Sylvia) and Bobby (Bob’s illegitimate son).

We were introduced to everyone by Christopher Snellgrove, who made it clear he was NOT a butler.

And so the evening began, with the family bickering and snipping at each other. However, even in a drama prone family such as the Roberts, no one could have predicted that dinner would end in murder. And certainly not half way through pudding.

Or could they?……….

In fact we were attending “In Custardy!”. This live action murder mystery was performed by the Levenshulme Players and the audience had to step in to solve the murder.

Luckily Detective Paul Anderson was on hand to quiz the suspects. Newly qualified as an Inspector and with 0 cases under his belt he was eager to make a good impression on the force. After asking his questions, he selected ones from the audience. Then we all submitted who we though had dun it.

We got it right! Well done City Adventurers.

Some great quotes from the night:

“She couldn’t stand being 2nd best to a horse all her life”

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he did it to himself to get back at us”

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