Murder on the Titanic

Murder on the Titanic is a jigsaw puzzle with a murder mystery waiting to be solved.

Although it suggests you read the story first, the City adventurers dived into completing the jigsaw instead. Assembling the 1,000-piece puzzle was made harder by the picture not being anything like the collage of photographs on the box front. The actual image is quite a colour picture of items from that fateful night in 1912 and it includes important clues to help solve a murder.

Having completed the puzzle we set about reading the story. We get to meet 105-year-old Gwendolyn Everton as she reveals certain secrets about the voyage. Her story concerns a couple of wealthy twin sisters who faced love and betrayal aboard the ill-fated liner.

The story was good and the clues in the picture were able to lead to a possible suspect.


Murder on the Titanic is available from Amazon

Murder on the Titanic – photo by Juliamaud
Murder on the Titanic – photo by Juliamaud

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