A Brush with Death

Over the last Bank Holiday the City Adventurers took a trip back in time to 1923 and arrived at the home of Lady Rothersfield. It was her birthday weekend and her family were gathering for a family portrait.

In attendance were her two children, Lord Anthony and Miss Annabel. Nice but dim Lord Anthony was accompanied by his wife, Kathleen. His sister, the ditzy Annabel, was accompanied by her painter friend, Pip.

But before Pip could start her work of art, the Dowager Lady Rothersfield dropped a bombshell.

The night before the painting, she announced her plans to change her will…..and potentially disinherit her children in favour of the butler and cook!

As you can imagine, tempers frayed and people began plotting to put a stop to the Dowager’s plan.

The following day an incident occurred (a murder?) that required the investigative skills of Inspector Harry Moody and local Police Constable Joe Sullen (and the virtual audience).


This time the City Adventurers managed to solve the (optional) puzzles set by Bridget Wilkinson and, by adding them to the the clues we’d solved, go completely off track! Luckily the zoom investigations put us back on course and we were able to deduce who did it.

A Brush with Death is the latest production by Murdered For Money. Written by Lesley Gunn, and adapted for the virtual world by Bridget Wilkinson, it was based on the original play ‘Death by Paintbrush’.

Another great mystery from the Murdered For Money team.

Their next event is Sudden Death at Thornbury Manor

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