Sudden Death at Thornbury Manor

In June The City Adventurers went time travelling back to the 1920’s again to help solve a murder from 1929.

That was the year when something terrible occurred at Thornbury Manor, home of the Maltravers family.

Lies, deceit, treachery and fraud……and even a dead body! (Well this was a Murdered For Money production so what did you expect?)

Then we were whisked forward in time to a present day TV programme. Welcoming us back was “Corner of the Yard” who asked us to review the events of that fateful night in 1929 for his new show. With copies of evidence gathered by the police all those years ago, we were asked to decide who-dunnit and why.

The big question was – would we reach the same conclusion as the police did in 1929, or did we think that someone else was involved?

This murder mystery was written by Chris Lewis and Carol Hutton, and adapted for virtual performance by Bridget Wilkinson.

As usual, a fantastic performance by the cast of Murdered For Money.

Did we deduce the correct murdered? Almost. After reviewing the evidence and watching the tape of another groups interrogations, we changed our minds. Big mistake. Should have stuck with our first thought and not tried to over think things……..

Judging by the comments on Facebook, we were not alone in getting it wrong. Better luck next time.

cast of murdered for money
cast of murdered for money

Their next production is “Killing Thyme”.

Described as a Comedy Murder Mystery, this virtual challenge takes place between 27th July – 1st Aug 2021.

Tickets are available from MURDEREDFORMONEY

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