Deadly Distractions host a Murder Mystery Workshop

When I saw a “Murder Mystery Workshop” advertised on Eventbrite I was intrigued. So I booked my ticket and joined one other person for what turned out to be an interactive workshop, not the talk-by-author I had been expecting.

I suppose I should have realised it would be interactive. I was a “workshop” after all.

Anyway, Arec introduced himself and got us to introduce ourselves. Then he lead us through the things to consider when writing a murder mystery party game.

There had to be constraints, such as time constrains. The characters could have their links to the outside world broken. There may be limited supplies of equipment available. Reading the list back writing a murder mystery is very like writing an escape room…….

Anyway, we came up with a plot involving a botany professor, a few red herrings and a couple of non-player characters in case we needed to expand our party.

At the end of the session Arec asked us how we felt. Normally when Deadly Distractions run these events it is for corporate clients and it gets their creative juicing flowing. In our case, two random strangers, that wasn’t so obvious. Yes, it renewed my creative flow and made me want to write another murder mystery. But then, I’ve written quite a few murder mystery adventures in the past. (Check out ITM Games at And I know how I like to write. Which is alone. I can’t write with other peoples input, although I’m happy to have things edited and proof read obviously. Jus don’t try to change my characters and plot too much.

The next events by Deadly Distractions are Deadly Distractions at Doughnuts & Dragons. These are in person events in America, not online. Tickets are available at Eventbrite.

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