White Mountain Mystery Puzzles

The Curse of Blackwood Hall

This is more than just a jigsaw puzzle. It is a murder mystery to solve, as well as a spot the difference puzzle. This puzzle is by artist Lena Pigareva and has a cozy murder mystery style to it.

As with a lot of murder mystery jigsaws there is a mystery story to read before you attempt the puzzle. The box lid image is slightly different to the actual puzzle image. There are clues to the mystery added to the puzzle that you will discover as you assemble it. Then you just have to solve the mystery. The real solution is printed on the story sheet so you can check your answer.

Title:  “The Curse of Blackwood Hall” 1000 pieces, available from Amazon

Murder in Little Piddling

Another puzzle by artist Lena Pigareva is Murder in Little Piddling

It appears that a murder has been committed in the rural village of Little Piddling and you must find the killer.

Again the puzzle itself looks different to the picture on the box. As you read the story and assemble the puzzle you’ll be given hints and clues and meet interesting characters on the way to the solution. White Mountain puts the extra thought and effort into the puzzle image itself. The finished picture becomes the storybook. 

Title:   “Murder in Little Piddling” 1000 pieces, available from Amazon

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