A Monster Murder Mystery in Eastleigh

As Halloween approached, the City Adventurers decided to head to The Concorde in Eastleigh for a Halloween Celebration. We’d been there for afternoon tea in the summer and were looking forward to meeting up with old friends.

We were instructed to wear Halloween costumes and duly packed our Vampire attire. It wasn’t until we were about to head for the train that I noticed, on the Concorde website, the party was being held in “The Garden or Marquee”. Hastily I added a warm dress to the case. No-one wants a shivering vampire at their party.

Luckily, the party was actually held in the heated marquee in the garden. It was a little fresh walking from the car park or hotel to the marquee, but as soon as we’d had our temperature taken and our tickets checked, we were allowed inside the warm venue. I could have gone full on vampire after all!

For anyone who wanted a little something extra, there were free witches hats available too.

monster murdered4money event
monster murdered4money event

Some people had really dressed up for the occasion and a number of them were meeting and greeting around the room. It seemed they all lived together in a nearby house, owned by Victor the Vampire.

The party was just getting started and we were having a great time, when – Horror of horrors – A MURDER took place!…….

Yes, this particular party was organised by Murdered For Money, so one was expected.

monster murdered4money event
monster murdered4money event

The table sprang into action. We questioned the suspects and watched the hair-raising revelations unfold. On hand to assist us was Bridget Witch Wilkinson. She handed out additional information and puzzles to the all the tables to help our investigations.

The spooky suspects were just discussing who could be responsible when there was another murder!

We were so caught up in the investigation that it was a delight when Inspector Corner arrived. Entering the venue to rapturous applause, he immediately took charge and lead us through questioning the suspects.

Who could be to blame?

  • Victor the Vampire
  • The Bride of Frankenstein
  • Zoe the Zombie
  • William the Werewolf
  • Gillian the Ghost
  • Merneptan the Mummy
  • Winnie the Witch
  • Patti the poltergeist

Obviously I can’t reveal.

All I can say is we had a fantastic evening and look forward to their next “Live” production.

monstermurder mystery by murdered4money
monstermurder mystery by murdered4money

Tickets for DING DONG MERRILY AND DIE! are available from the Murder Mystery Box Office

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