Escape From Dino Island

The City Adventurers are looking forward to a luxury weekend break on Dino Island. Yes we are a little concerned that the brochure describes the the tropical island getaway as “Where there is more to fear than the unknown.” But that’s just marketing, right?

Who wants to join us on this trip organised by Red Herring Games?

It’s going to be idyllic! So what if there are strange noises coming from the undergrowth…… and someone has spotted some suspiciously large footprints……and a few travellers have gone missing…

The Plot for Escape From Dino Island

Set in the year 1880, an age of exploration and innovation, philosophical societies and radical new ideas. In London, the home of the British Empire, the engineering marvel which is the Natural History Museum has been newly completed.  With vast vaulted halls available for fascinating collections, scientists have been sent out to scour the globe for new and interesting specimens to be put on display to celebrate the official opening.

Keen to gain notoriety, enterprising individuals are venturing forth to find the most rare and unusual flora and fauna for the new exhibition halls. With geographical society funding at a premium, experienced explorers and intrepid scientists have turned to philanthropic donations to fund expeditions.

One such expedition is lead by Professor Gene Poole, one of London’s prominent Zoologists.  Keen to explore further than anyone else, his team have travelled by balloon to a mist-shrouded island in the southern Atlantic.  However, it turns out they don’t just have to worry about the previously thought extinct giant lizards.  They have brought their own dangers with them.

VIRTUAL MURDER MYSTERY WEEKEND from 20th to 21st November 2021

Tickets are available from Red Herring Games

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