Meeting Ruth Ware

The City Adventurers were lucky enough to attend a talk by crime writer Ruth Ware.

She is an international number one bestseller, with her thrillers appearing on bestseller lists, including the Sunday Times and New York Times. Her books have been optioned for both film and TV, and she is published in more than 40 languages.

Watch out for our review (and recommendation) of her book  In a Dark, Dark Wood , which was part of the Solve The Murder Book Club.

The City Adventurers with Ruth Ware
The City Adventurers with Ruth Ware

How I got here is still kind of a mystery to me – but all I know is that I always wanted to be a writer, right from when I was a little girl……Eventually, when I was in my thirties and had two very small children, I realised that my writing was a hobby…..and I realised that unless I did something drastic, I was going to find my writing time whittled down further and further, until it likely disappeared all together. That “drastic” step turned out to be plucking up my courage, and finally sending out a book to agents.

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