How To Throw Murder Mystery Party Your Guests Will Love.

Ever wanted to throw a murder mystery themed party that is so good that your guests love it and rave about it for months afterwards ?

Do you ever start planning a party then worry about your guests enjoying themselves?

It’s only natural to want everybody to have a good time. And that includes you, as host, having a good time too. No-one wants a party that’s a flop!

So the number one goal should be #fun!

One way to inject fun is adding a theme.

Now I’m sure we’ve all been to themed parties that were a little boring.

  • Maybe the props looked belonged at a child’s birthday party, paper plates and balloons in matching colors and a couple of streamers as decoration.
  • Only half of the guests came in costume
  • You don’t know anybody but everyone else seems busy talking to people they already know.
  • People aren’t participating in any of the planned activities.
  • The food is only so-so and has little to do with the theme.

Something’s missing, right?

There is just no spirit of fun.

Bring back spirit of fun by throwing a

Murder Mystery Themed Party

by ITM Games

Just imagine all of the fun you and your guests will have at an ITM Games Mystery Party. Throw a party so great,  your guests have the time of their lives and will rave about it for months afterwards.

You can make your dream party a reality with ITM Games

ITM Games offers 10 downloadable murder mystery games on the website.  Each game has a description of the setting and a list of characters.

Once you have selected a game to buy, click the “Buy Now” button and be taken to Paypal, a secure payment site, to complete your transaction.

Once payment has been received, you will receive instructions for downloading your game and a password. After downloading and opening your game, you can print it out and assemble the clues. A step-by-step guide for the host is included.

What’s included in the Murder Mystery party pack 

The Murder Mystery party pack includes the host guide and the game.

The guide includes step by step instructions on printing the game plus notes on how to prepare and run your murder mystery party, as well as recipes and food suggestions.

The game includes

  • invitations
  • character guest lists
  • suggested character costumes
  • background plot information
  • character information for each guest/character
  • clues and evidence relating to the plot
  • And, of course, the solution!

Try to print everything for the game without reading it. Only read through the host guide. That way you can have more fun discovering the twists and turns of the plot on the night. It also means you can have a character role yourself.

For ITM Games murder mysteries, the murderer does not know they committed the crime, so everyone has to pay close attention to the means, motives and opportunities that are discussed.

Order your game now from ITM Games


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