Blood Orange Brewing

Blood Orange Brewing - photo by Juliamaud
Blood Orange Brewing – photo by Juliamaud

Another Tea Shop Mysteries Book by Laura Childs

When social darling Delaine Dish throws a lavish benefit for the restoration of a rundown Victorian home, Theodosia Browning donates tea and treats from her Indigo Tea Shop. But the grand unveiling of Theo’s spread proves a gruesome scene when a beloved local politico falls dead with a jagged piece of metal in his neck.

Anyone at the event could be the culprit, but the police have few leads–and no suspects.

Try as she might, Theodosia can’t help but wonder who the murderer is. But her investigation will lead her into places darker than the blackest tea…


The murder happens early on when a local politico / businessman / war re-enactor is stabbed by an unknown assailant. Soon enough his widow asks Thea to help investigate his murder. Thea  and Delaine end up exploring the spooky  historic house where it occurred and getting trapped in the process.

Could the motive be something to do with the historic home which has just been donated to the Heritage Society? Or with donations to a local politican running for office? Or possibly to business finance withheld from a local TV company? Or something else entirely unexpected? Thea has many strands to follow and soon another body to investigate.

Not that everyone likes her sticking her nose in. To try and stop her, someone kidnaps Earl Grey!

Having solved the mystery and reported it to the police, my main question was why did she carry on investigating, putting herself in danger? Surely she should have left it to Detective Bert Tidwell to apprehend the suspects. Oh well. I suppose the author wanted to add even more drama to the proceedings.

The book has all the usual tea shop mystery elements – tea parties, dainty food, pretty settings and buying linen as well as recipes in the back.

Give it a go.

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