More Moonstone Murder Mysteries

Moonstone Murders have just started their second series of play-a-long murder mystery events.

Mr Wobbly’s Murdertime Spectacular!

This time a well-loved children’s entertainer, Mr Wobbly, had been murdered. He may have been well loved by children but there were at least four possible suspects who could have killed him.

Luckily Inspector Rutherford was on the case, this time assisted by DI Squibb (a member of the audience). The four potential suspects were :

  • Jack Redwood, another children’s entertainer
  • Hannah Stone, another children’s entertainer
  • Dean Benson, director of show
  • Pheobe Foster, Mr Wobbly’s agent

As before, the interactions between the Inspector and the suspects was handled extremely well. Audience questions were picked up from the chat function by Inspector Rutherford and DI Squibb and put to the suspects.

Another fun evening that we thoroughly enjoyed…..And we correctly deduced the murderer!

Mr Wobbly’s Murdertime Spectacular! can be found at
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Other Moonstone Murder Mysteries

Should you want to play-a-long with their previous murder mysteries, they are all available on their Youtube channel. Donations to the cast can be made at

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