Death by Powerpoint

Fancy a virtual murder mystery party? The people at Red Herring Games. have a free 15 minute murder mystery for 3 people so you can try out hosting via the internet.

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Death by Powerpoint Plot:

Everyone hates Tuesday. It isn’t the start of the week, it isn’t in the middle, or on the downwards curve towards the weekend. Most would have thought Tuesday was bad enough as it was, just being a Tuesday… without a murder enquiry underway during the morning coffee break as well!

It seems Phil Armonic, one of the much loved junior office clerks at “Latte!” magazine has been found dead in the electrical cupboard! And to make things worse, the police seem to think someone at the magazine had it in for him! The question is… who?

Could it be Senior Editor, Devon Phudge? Or the Junior office clerk, Robin Staplers? or, maybe, it was Animal loving receptionist, Francis Assisi. You’ll have to play the game to find out.

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