Murder On The Dance Floor

The City Adventurers headed to Nottingham to take part the new show, ‘Step Up & Dance’. Not heard of it? Well, it promised to rival ‘Strictly’ as the must see TV dance show. And word was that the Nottingham event would be an opportunity for one lucky person to join the show.

We arrived at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and made our way upstairs, meeting fellow hopefuls in the bar. Then it was in to dinner to meet the TV host, Sam Delaney, lead judge, P.J. McQueen and media magnate, Greg Copeland.

It soon became apparent that all was not going well. Greg Copeland seemed to spend a lot of time on his phone, ignoring his poor wife, who flitted about the room like a lost deer. Jenna Grainger and Sebastiene Foley, rival dancers on the show, seemed to be having a tiff. Sam Delaney was missing her co-host Zoe Baxter. And who knew what P.J. McQueen was up to.

Then, as if things were not bad enough, the police arrived. Zoe Baxter had been found dead!

Better not kill the groove

Yes, we were not really dancing our way into the spotlight. We were, in fact, taking part in a Murder 57 Murder Mystery Event.

A fantastic evening of intrigue as we tried to work out who could have killed Zoe and how. As we wrestled with the clues, one person commented they were a little upset we didn’t get to see Zoe die (?!) Those of us that have attended Murder 57 Events in the past assured her that the killing was probably not over……and sure enough, not all our suspects were alive at the end of the night!

Murder on the Dance Floor – photo by Juliamaud

Murder On The Dance Floor – The Plot

Style TV, is new to the UK. Owned by Australian media magnate Greg Copeland, the TV company is set to go head to head in an all out war with BBC’s ‘Strictly’ this year. Their new dance show, ‘Step Up & Dance’  promises to be big & brash.

Fronted by TV host Sam Delaney, the show will have notorious musical star P.J. McQueen as lead judge, who makes Craig Revel Norwood seem like a pussycat!!

Tonight will be an opportunity for one lucky person to join the show. So if you feel lucky, put on your dancing shoes and practice that hip sway but be careful, with all those egos, fake tan and sequins……

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