Online Christmas Murders

The City Adventurers spent a lot of time solving online murder mysteries over the Christmas and New Year holidays, in addition to solving live murder mystery events.

Things kicked off with “Who Sleighed Santa?” by Murdered For Money

Santa appeared to have a problem with logistics. Luckily there was help on hand. Or was there? It seemed Santa’s new plans for Christmas were not to everyone’s liking. And very soon things took a turn for the worse……Who would want to bump off jolly old Santa?

 "Who Sleighed Santa?"
“Who Sleighed Santa?”

This was followed by “Mayhem and the Manger” by Femme Fatalities.

This time the action took place at the village nativity play. Could the director have overstepped their mark? Was last years “Mary” angry at being replaced by another actress? Who decided using a real baby to play Baby Jesus was a good idea?

Looking forward to more adventures online from both companies.

MurderedforMoney – The home of murder mystery

Femme Fatalities – Murder Mysteries Online

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