Liar Liar

Liar Liar by James Patterson and Candice Fox is the third novel in the Detective Harriet Blue series.

This book was sitting on my pile of books to read, when my husband started it. Normally I fly through James Patterson books, although I struggled to read 18th Abduction , so I thought he’d get through it quickly and hand it back. Instead, he disliked the book and suggested there were better books to spend my time on. Apparently it has a lot of gratuitous violence in it. You (and I) have been warned.

The plot

Detective Harriet Blue is clear about two things. Regan Banks deserves to die. And she’ll be the one to pull the trigger. But Regan – the vicious serial killer responsible for destroying her brother’s life – has gone to ground. Suddenly, her phone rings. It’s him. Regan.

‘Catch me if you can,’ he tells her.

Harriet needs to find this killing machine fast, even if the cost is her own life. So she follows him down the Australian south coast with only one thing on her mind……Revenge

Liar Liar photo by Juliamaud
Liar Liar photo by Juliamaud

Available from Amazon and City Adventurers Solve The Murder

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