The Egg and Spoon Race murder mystery

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 8 years since The Egg and Spoon Race murder mystery premiered.

Egg meets Spoon at "The Egg and Spoon Race Murder Mystery" by Invitation To Events
Egg meets Spoon at “The Egg and Spoon Race Murder Mystery” by Invitation To Events

The Egg and Spoon Race plot:

Benedict Egg and Runcy Spoon were rivals in the field of electronic innovation. Locked in a vicious battle, both were racing to find a solution to the problem of sustainable energy.

But only one could win The Egg and Spoon Race.

When Benedict Egg announced a press conference, it appeared to everyone that he may have won. But, as Benedict demonstrated his company’s exciting discovery, there was a fatal accident!

Or was it?

Maybe this was no accident but MURDER!

It was up to the audience, with the help of Chief Inspector Fawken Knife, to determine the guilty party.


  • David McKechnie as Benedict Egg and Chief Inspector Fawken Knife
  • Toni Brooks as Faye B J Egg
  • Gemma Slade as Molly Coddled
  • Dezzi Lloyd as Eau Bergine
  • Anthony Bird as Runcy Spoon
  • Mark Scott as Al Bumen
  • Catherine Skeggs as Sue Flay


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