The House of Silk

I’ll admit I have seen lots of Sherlock Holmes films and TV shows, but not actually read a Sherlock Holmes book. So I have no idea how the first non-Doyle Sherlock Holmes story, written by Anthony Horowitz, compares to those of the great man himself. The House of Silk, published in 2011, was the first… More The House of Silk

Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of #Sherlock Holmes, was born in Edinburgh on 22 May  1859.  He died of a heart attack on 7 July 1930. Trained as a doctor at Edinburgh University in 1881, Arthur Conan Doyle divided his time between medicine and writing. His career included being a writer and a journalist, as well as being a surgeon on a whaling… More Arthur Conan Doyle