Solve The Mystery Of Who Killed Victoria Rushmore?

With everyone staying at home at the moment, Blackwatch Entertainment have created an online adventure to keep your grey cells active from the comfort of the sofa. We signed up for the online adventure, but missed any notice that it had launched!

Not to worry as all the episodes are now available on Youtube. ( We just had to hunt for them – our very own treasure seeking adventure (?)). As we’d missed the daily release of interviews we binge watched all the suspect statements then decided who we thought had done it.

There are five daily statements videos followed by two denouement videos.

While the murder was explained at the end, we had a couple of loose ends that were not tied up. We’d deliberately not looked at the Facebook page while we watched the videos, in case they contained spoilers. In fact they contain additional facts – the police reports, items found in the flat…Just don’t read anyone’s comments.

As it turns out we got the murderer right…….then, as often happens when we play these for real, couldn’t get it to work with our means/motive/opportunity rules and picked someone else due to a loose end!

An interesting evening solving a murder from the suspects interviews. We’d recommend you give it a go.


Originally entitled “999 – Police Emergency”, the mystery can be found as “Who Killed Victoria Rushmore?”

When the body of a woman is found in her flat, a murder inquiry is launched. Victoria Rushmore was an actress that found fame and fortune in Hungary. She was ruthless and determined to see her name in lights. So what went wrong? Detective Inspector,  James Holm is leading the investigation and you are one of the detectives on the case. 

(taken from website)

  • Victim : Actress Victoria Rushmore: 48 single or so she says. Lives in Swiss Cottage, London. Actress.  Appeared in a Hungarian soap opera 10 years ago. Never quite made it. She was concerned how to pay her bills as acting work has dried up.
  • How did she die: Stabbed with a knife that has the name of the restaurant that the ex lover works at.  She has defense wounds. She was stabbed by someone who is right handed. All the windows of the flat were open. Body was found by the cleaner at 1pm.
  • Detective: male : DI James Holm is leading the investigation.
  • A neighbour heard her phone ring about 8am but no one answered it.


  • Ex lover: Richard Anderson. They were together for five years. Victoria jilted him the day before the wedding.  He is a partner in a City law firm. Richard is now married, two children. His is a fit, gym goer.
  • Ex lover:  Amber Wright –  Works in the theatre as a make up artist. Lived with Victoria until she moved out six months ago.  They weren’t particularly close any more.
  • Theatrical Agent:  Barbara  Nettingfold – Represented Victoria for 10 years. She is well known in the theatre industry. She also represents 80s heartthrob Simon Greythorp. She was frustrated with Victoria who had a reputation of being unreliable.
  • Mum: Annette Rushmore – lives in St Albans. She speaks to her daughter a couple of times a week and enjoys coming into town to meet up for lunch. They were due to have a party the following weekend for her husband’s 75th birthday. Victoria mentioned to her mum that she was worried about her security. She felt she was being stalked.
  • Leading man : Simon Greythorp  – Met Victoria on a Hungarian soap opera. He was in an 80s band and a bit of a heartthrob back then. He’s always worked as an actor, lots of voice over work and overseas commercials and theatre tours.
  • Café worker:  Rachel Allington : Works at the café  close to Victoria’s house and saw her every day.  She chatted to her and knew her as a regular who popped in with a friend or two.
  • Personal Trainer : Tom Byers –  Used to train Richard Anderson and works at the gym Victoria goes to. He liked Victoria but felt she was fragile and taken advantage of easily.
  • Best friend : Jasmine Dayton –  Also an actress, she’s known Victoria for a number of years and live close-by. She lives a very different life to Victoria who she was concerned was drinking too much and taking drugs.


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