Death By Diamond

Murdered for Money were back with Death by Diamond, so we booked our tickets and settled in for a week of sleuthing.

Death by Diamond was set at a golf course. Again it was was based on one of their live shows and had been adapted to work online. Spread over 7 nights, there were clues to unravel, video footage to analyse and suspects to question. This time there was only one evening zoom meeting, not two, and all the cast were present to answer questions.


Smoothgreens golf course diamond club are hosting a charity fundraising event for their charity of the year, The National Truss. Well they were going to before the country was hit by an unfortunate pandemic which meant that everyone had to #staysafestayhome. However, undeterred the organisers have decided to host the event online.

With endless interruptions, uninvited guests, rumours of hidden diamonds, and a dead body in the billiard room before they even start, things are not going so well . One thing you can be sure of is that things are going to get worse.

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A fun week of investigating.

Their next murder mystery takes place over 4 days instead of 7 and runs from 28th May to 31st May 2020. Sudden death at Thornbury Manor is a 1920’s themed murder mystery. Tickets are £5.98 per household via Eventbrite.

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