Who can forget the thrills of a classic British seaside holiday?

Strolling along the prom. Paddling bare foot in the surf. Lining up for donkey rides. Hunting for crabs. Burying your dad in the sand. Spending time in the arcades. Riding the dodgems. Posing for family photos. Grabbing ice-creams, donuts, chips or jellied eels and pickled whelks as the mood takes you… The City Adventurers were… More Who can forget the thrills of a classic British seaside holiday?

A Monster Smash

This Halloween the City Adventurers attended a comedy murder mystery and raised money for Cancer charities. Luckily the fun started at 7.30pm, as the Prime Minister’s address to the nation overran from 4pm to 5pm, until finally it started at 7pm. Not that news of the imminent Lock-down thwarted the performances of the Red Herring… More A Monster Smash

A Monster Smash

A Monster Smash is a virtual murder mystery challenge for Halloween by Red Herring Games. This production is performed in support of Life After Cancer and Macmillan Cancer Support. Tickets are available for £6 per household (plus booking fee) Monstrous mayhem and murder with the De’Bodies family at Halloween. In a suburban district of Westfield New… More A Monster Smash

Murder In The Grand

On 1st August City Adventurers traveled back in time to solve the case of Murder In The Grand. Al Scapone , Godfather of the infamous Scapone family, had been found dead in his office at his club known as “The Grand”. There was no doubt Al Scapone had enemies, but it seems his murder may… More Murder In The Grand

Super Blooper

In this “Crazy World” City Adventurers were looking forward to another Red Herring Games adventure. This time it was a mystery only production, with no murder involved. The Name of the Game was an ABBA themed event called Super Blooper. “Knowing Me, Knowing You” we were expecting this to be a fun evening in front… More Super Blooper

Death by Powerpoint

Fancy a virtual murder mystery party? The people at Red Herring Games. have a free 15 minute murder mystery for 3 people so you can try out hosting via the internet. Photo by Edward Jenner on Pexels.com Death by Powerpoint Plot: Everyone hates Tuesday. It isn’t the start of the week, it isn’t in the… More Death by Powerpoint

Murder in the Midwest

After spending a great night trying to solve Red Herrings last murder mystery – Death by Chocolate – we immediately signed up to play their next adventure – Murder in the Midwest! This time we were transported deep into the heart of Indian Territory and the frontier town of Tombstone. Wearing our cowboy hats, we headed (online) to… More Murder in the Midwest

Death by Chocolate

Saturday night we settled down to play “Death by Chocolate”. This was a Murder Mystery Evening via Zoom by Red Herring Games. The Story: Wonky Chocolates were at one time the best known chocolate brand in the world, renowned for its originality and flavour. Originally owned by the eccentric recluse, Willy Wonky, the firm changed… More Death by Chocolate